Azalea is a luxury yacht made to the highest safety standards at sea. Every moment of your voyage on the 40 metre long vessel comprising of three main decks and an additional sun deck will be an experience worth a lifetime.

At Azalea guests are indulged with the finest international cuisine prepared by a team of culinary experts on board. Accompanying the exquisite.dishes from the west to the east, are a fine selection of wine from around the world to bring character into your meal

The Azalea Cruise dive team consists of certified PADI professionals and are always ready to assist guests and ensure that diving is not only safe but fun. Teaching materials are available in different Languages. In addition an assortment of rental services ranging from special equipment to photography and videography services are available from Azal-ea.

Diving takes place from a modern, spacious and comfortable diving boat, which travels with Azalea throughout the cruise.

  • Ultra Luxury
  • 5 star
  • 9 Cabins
  • Speedboat
  • 0 min

Cabins Type

Superior Twin Room

Our lower deck rooms are fitted with modern fixtures and luxurious amenities, including private bathrooms. As per your requests these rooms are available as twin or single bedrooms, and are specially designed to help you get the best of your journey with us.

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Ocean View Junior Suite

Our next set of rooms are located behind the Master suite, and are nothing short of luxury. These rooms are designed with every detail accounted for to add the perfect touch to your holiday. Feel at home and rest on our king/queen size bed, fitted with the finest Egyptian linen, as you take in the breath taking views through the ocean facing windows. The bliss of your stay with us continues as you enter your private bathroom fitted with sleek modern fixtures and shower.

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Ocean View Master Suite

Welcome to our master suite, the most spacious room on board. Wake up to a world of infinite possibilities with spectacular views from the comfort of your bed fitted with the finest Egyptian linen. With the front half of the room covered in windows, this room is nothing short of sheer luxury and comfort. Step into the sleek and modern bathroom fitted with the finest fixtures including separate shower cubicle and bathtub to further unwind on your holiday.

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Enjoy especially created menus and fine wines to suit your tastes.


Azalea Cruise provides guests with fully serviced equipment and Nitrox if required. Our dedicated dive team will work hard to ensure you enjoy the ultimate scuba diving holiday. Diving takes place from a modern, spacious and comfortable diving boat, which travels with Azalea throughout the cruise.

The Maldives is renowned for its natural underwater beauty and is widely regarded as being one of the world's top diving destinations. Unforgettable diving experiences are available to you on a daily basis with the Azalea Cruise experience.

Seasonal oceanic currents have forged channels from the open ocean into all the atolls making it one of the best drift diving experiences in the world. The waters of the atolls are rich in plankton enabling a diverse and abundant marine ecosystem to thrive. The nutrient-rich water feeds colourful sponges and soft corals that cling to the rock sides. There are well known cleaning stations where cleaner wrasse and shrimp service manta rays, and other large marine species.

Water Sports
Manta,Dolphin,Whale Shark Cruise
Sand Bank Trip
Resort Day Visit
Snorkeling Trip
Eco Water Golf


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