An island paradise on Alifu Alifu Atoll, Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon is located on North Ari Atoll of Maldives, about 42 km away from the capital and a quick 25-minute sea plane ride away. Abundantly lush, with shady palm trees and soft white sand, Ellaidhoo combines exquisite living and star-class service with a family spirit and connection to mother earth.

The resort is home to some of the best accommodation options in the Maldives that are situated close to the ocean or quietly nestled in our lush gardens. With ocean-inspired in-teriors and open-air bathrooms, the resort offers 112 rooms across 5 room categories which are the Standard Rooms, Superior Rooms, Beach and Water Bungalows.

Two bars, two restaurants and a dozen other imaginative places are available at the resort for magical dining experiences, including floating on the ocean on a dhoni for two. The executive chef at the resort comes with a world of experiences that manifests in his carefully chosen menu and locally sourced spices.

Chavana Spa at Ellaidhoo by Cinnamon provides a pampering experience with its private treatment rooms and relaxing massage treatments. The spa is a part of the international spa chain Mandara, featuring specialised Balinese therapists, invigorating treatments and the internationally renowned Elemis brand of products.

The extensive list of recreation and other special services with some heavenly extras, make the Ellaidhoo experience everything it promises to be and more. The hotel also or-ganises diving trips daily to the spectacular reefs in Northern Ari Atoll for the adven-turous.

  • Ultra Luxury
  • 4 star
  • 112 villas
  • Seaplane
  • 25 min
  • 42km km
  • North Ari Atoll
  • Ellaidhoo Island Island

Villas Type

Standard Rooms

Our standard rooms are pefect island bungalows, designed for the diving buff who wants minimum time in a room and maximum adventure under the ocean. If you’re coming to Ellaidhoo for its action and excitement, any one of our spacious 14 Island Bungalows is a great call for the much needed downtime it provides. Our island days are busy and tiring ones and we understand your need to unwind. Comfortable sleeping, outdoor showers and a host of amenities combine to make your stay a relaxing one, when you’re done with those long, adventurous days.

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Superior Rooms

Coming to our island in a group? Bringing the spouse and kids along? Then our Superior Rooms are your prime Maldives resort accommodation option. Surprisingly spacious, allowing comfort for up to four at a time, while still providing much needed personal space. Making up 28 in total, these family-style rooms are cozy and vibrantly designed, housing an open-air bathroom and terra cotta floors, offering great views of the ocean.

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Beach Bungalows

Each of our 46 beach bungalows at Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon have been designed to give you optimum privacy and comfort. Walk into your room, open the shades and take in the ocean-island view as the waters change color from turquoise to deep blue. Designed with traditional Maldivian thatched-roofs, these quaint structures are located on the quieter quarter of the island, allowing you to seclude yourself for private time on the island, should you so desire it. Comfortable divans on the balconies and verandahs make for great look-out points too. Settle down here at night to sounds of the sea and a chorus of chirping birds – it doesn’t get much more au naturel than this!

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Water Bungalows

We’ve saved the best for the setting sun. Our magical water bungalows are the most pristine and ethereal you’ll ever know. Sitting along a semi-circular deck above the Indian Ocean, these white wood and thatched-roof water bungalows are the perfect setting for a magical time on our island. Walk in and let your eyes take in the vibrant, ocean-themed interiors. The water bungalow’s private deck is a great way to watch the sun go down. A separate dining area, bar and our excellent infinity pool combine to give you a complete island experience in one go. Take it, make it yours and fall in love with the magic we have on offer at the best Maldives Water Bungalows you’ll ever find.

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Our Water Bungalow guests are privy to an exclusive morning experience at Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon. Don’t rush to get out of bed in the morning – let us bring you a bubbly breakfast and set it up on your sun deck for a romantic early morning upon requirement for an additional fee. Just think its Sunday morning everyday and indulge in this exclusive with that special someone in your life.

We all know what a tropical storm can do to an island; while it’s a spectacular sight to witness, we bet you don’t want to do it getting drenched. And just because it rains, it doesn’t mean all the fun must end. This is why our spacious, thatched-roof Sand Bar lets you dig your toes into the sand while you throw back some heady cocktails and continue with all the fun you were having on the island. We’re firm believers in the notion that rain or shine, the magic must continue!

Iruohsnee Bar

Our island survives in harmony with the marine life around us and nowhere is this more evident than at the Iruohsnee Bar. Located on the main decks of Ellaidhoo, this is a favourite hangout at any time of the day and night. Our staff will remember you by name and look forward to meeting and serving you here each day. We also offer great evening entertainment from DJs to classic rock bands and traditional Maldivian performances making Iruohsnee a firm favourite on any day of the week. But what makes this venue truly out of this world is probably the daily evening feed. Buckets of fresh seafood are given to the school of Jack Fish, a Sting Ray and even some herons that never forget drop by for their daily feeding at 5:30. To put it mildly – it’s a spectacular sight. But that’s not why we do it; we are honoured to give back to an ocean that has blessed us abundantly.

Malamathi Restaurant and Bar

Ellaidhoo is a celebrated resort in the Maldives islands for many reasons including the combination of an enchanting atmosphere with great taste. This is especially true of Malamathi Restaurant & Bar. Incidentally,Malamathi refers to the horizon at sunset – possibly due to its location being the perfect vantage point to view the sun go down to meet the horizon each evening. The restaurant and bar are located close to the water bungalows for the convenience of our guests. A great buffet, great cocktails and multiple action stations, you’ll be spoilt for choice. We also serve select a-la-carte dishes at this exclusive semi-open venue that spreads out into the pool deck for a spacious outdoor atmosphere.

Our biggest dining venue at Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon, Madi’s sandy floors keep you connected to the island while your taste buds travel the world. Great continental buffet style meals are served at breakfast, lunch and dinner, which is probably why it’s constantly crowded with guests helping themselves to seconds and even thirds! Madi is a firm favourite with everyone on the island, because its giant roof provides shelter from tropical storms and hot island days. At Madi, our diners use their mealtimes as a perfect break from their busy days outdoors.


You can enjoy fishing trips in a traditional Maldivian way (line fishing) on a traditional Maldivian boat either at sunrise or sun set. Your catch will be prepared by our chefs on the following day to your taste.

You can also opt for deep sea rod-fishing, better known as trolling.

A trip on a traditional Dhoni (boat) will take you to a typical Maldivian village, shopping for souvenirs and just mingling with the locals around their coral stone houses.This will be followed by lunch on an uninhibited island with plenty of marine life around you.

Sports Complex

While everyone who comes to Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon won’t be an avid diver, we do understand the need to be active even when you’re here for lazy days under the sun. Being on holiday doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your regular workout routine. Work out at our full service gym, pick up a racket and make good use of our tennis, badminton or squash courts. Pick up a book from our library or play a game of pool. You can even join us for an impromptu game of football or cricket at our extensive grounds. We’re an active island and we provide everything you need to be up and going whenever you want to. At Ellaidhoo, the magic is always in the action.

It’s no secret why Ellaidhoo is the most popular diving resort in the Maldives. Even for a first timer, this is a great way to first discover the Technicolor world that exists beneath the blue surface of the ocean. And that’s not all – Dive & Sail who have been operating the dive and water sportscentre at Ellaidhoo since 2006 also offer canoeing, snorkeling, boat dives and all levels of PADI certification courses. This fully equipped centre comes with excellent dive instructors and guides who will lead you to the caves and colours that exist just off our resort decks. Jump in, dive down and discover our house reef, an altogether different kind of paradise. You’ll find that turtles, mantas, shark and whales are a constant sight, giving you a mad rush of adrenalin as they pass you by.

Swimming Pool

Between the outer decks of the Malamathi Restaurant, completing the circle of Water Bungalows, sits our infinity pool overlooking the turquoise waters of the reef below. Jump in and stay there until the sun begins to set. Then move over to the edge of the pool and gaze on the sun’s orange-gold journey home. Maybe you’re on the island with the whole family – why not bring them all by for a day by the poolside? Eat, drink and let the kids make merry in the shallow waters of the children’s pool by your side.

Legend tells of an old sage named Chavana who discovered the fountain of youth. After drinking from its waters, his appearance regained its youth almost instantly. The old sage went on to marry a beautiful, young princess.

Aptly named, the Chavana Spa at Ellaidhoo by Cinnamon comes with many treatments and a range of spa products to revitalize, rejuvenate and reawaken the young at heart. Chavana Spa at all our Maldivian resorts are a part of the international spa chain Mandara, featuring specialized Balinese therapists, invigorating treatments and the internationally renowned Elemis brand of products. Walk in a browse our extensive spa menu as you sip on a warm jasmine tea and freshen up with a warm towel.

The couple’s spa specials that include a special couple’s treatment room are ideal for the lovers on a get-away or the newly-weds on honeymoon. Bright island oranges decorate the spa’s interiors combining soothing Balinese music and 4 treatment rooms for the many specialized massages we have on offer.


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